May I cancel my subscription anytime?

Sure Can! Anytime, for any reason, no penalty.

Can I change my package or my subscription?

Of course. Simply login to you account and make any changes you like, they will take affect the following month's shipment.

What's the difference between the AfterShave & The One of a Kind?

Simple. The AfterShave has an SPF15 which can be used anytime, day or night. The One of a Kind, does not and is designed for sensitive skin, it also can be used day or night, there is just no SPF15.
We suggest the AfterShave with SPF15 is great for daily use and the One of a Kind is great for the evening, the One of a Kind is also great to add to your regime 2-3 days a week to help prevent against ingrowns and keep your stubble soft.

How does your subscription work?

You have 3 options after choosing your package, month to month (your card will be billed the 15th of each month and product shipped on the first), 3 month prepay or 6 month prepay to save some cash!

What if I don't shave enough and don't need my next months shipment?

No problem, simply login to your account and put that month on hold, you can resume whenever you are ready.

I want to change the credit card I have on file, how do I do so?

Just login to your account and make the change, easy!

How does the gift option work?

The Good Stuff the best stuff for men makes a great gift! Choose the package, choose the subscription and make sure you check the GIVE AS A GIFT box in checkout and let us know where it's going. The rest is simple, each month, they will receive The Good Stuff and will have an option at anytime to login and make any changes they want.